Trulife Breast Form Sublime Aris 151

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Trulife Sublime Aris breast form is a light weight breastform in 100% natural silicone, which sets a new standard of comfort and has a natural feel.

This form features an enhanced soft feel and shape for an intimate fit and a delicate bow design on the back.

Trulife Sublime Aris has a thinner front skin for an even softer and more natural feel than previous designs while offering fuller projection with smaller base for a better fit (to prevent it from spreading in the pocket), while featuring a more subtle, hand engraved integrated nipple and areola.

This breast form can be worn directly against the skin or in the cotton sock provided and does not have to be worn in a mastectomy bra, it can be worn in a full cup bra such as the Prima Donna Couture - because we want beautiful choices available for all women. 

Please contact our customer service team if you would like to order additional cotton sock (covers) for your Sublime Aris Breast Form.


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