Lingerie Washbag

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Designed for washing hosiery and lingerie in the washing machine, our little washday helper is water penetrable and ideal for all your washable delicates. 

Made from reinforced, double layered mesh, a fine inner weave of high performance material prevents hooks and wires from piercing through the bag and snagging your wash.

Keep your delicates twist, tear and tangle-free in our generously sized Lingerie Wash Bag, for best results do not overfill bag.

Made from quick drying fabric with a zipped closure.

After washing, remove items from the washbag and hang to dry.

Always follow the care labels on delicate items and always close hooks before washing.

Washing garments that should not be machine washed in a washbag or on a delicate wash cycle will not protect the garment.   

Machine wash, cold.

Approx. dimensions: 35cm x 40cm

100% Polyester double walled, high performance mesh with nylon zipper

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