Marie Jo L'Aventure Tom Rio Brief Red Copper

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At Kicking Curves we are huge fans of Marie Jo and we added the Tom Rio briefs to our collection because they are produced in feather-light fabric, even lighter than the fabric used for the bra cups.

With a completely seamless finish on the bottom there are no visible lines and they offer a great fit around the bottom.

Tom is a Marie Jo L'Aventure classic, and Red Copper is an Italian taupe tint, popular this season.  This colour works great as a nude and blends with the skin under light colour clothing.

We recommend buying 2 briefs for each bra purchase so you can always be wearing a matching set!

This colour is only available for a limited time but we are able to order in charcoal and caffe latte year round contact our customer service team if you would like us to place a special order for you.

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