Do you sell minimiser bras?

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  • By Myra Cooke
Do you sell minimiser bras?

Do you sell Minimiser Bras?


This would have to be the number one question we get from women who come into Kicking Curves.


The good news is, yes, we do sell minimiser bras. 

And there is even more good news - more often than not women don’t need or want minimising. What they need is the right sized bra – because the right sized bra stops the bounce, holds the bust and makes clothes fit better.


A true minimiser bra flattens the bust and spreads it to the sides (think breasts in armpits!), while the right sized bra with great side support will lift the bust and subtly project it forward to provide a better silhouette (think longer torso, slimmer frame!).


We have all heard the range of stats flying around that say anywhere between 70 and 90 percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. At Kicking Curves our experienced bra fitters have all worked in the lingerie industry for a long time, and we can confirm we see this every single day.


When you are wearing the wrong size bra your breasts will move around more than they should, and they are uncomfortable, the shoulders slip off, the back rides up, the wires dig in.


When you are wearing the right size bra it should be comfortable, your bust movement will be reduced, your clothes will look better and most importantly you will feel better. 


Bra fitting is a collaborative process between the customer and the fitter, and we love helping women look good and feel great so if you truly want a minimiser bra here are a few we recommend that won’t put your bust in your armpits but will gently redistribute your bust to give a subtle minimising effect.


1) Fantasie Rebecca



2)Chantelle Revele Moi



3)Corin Virginia


4)Prima Donna Divine Seamless Bra


5)Prima Donna Couture Bra


6)Gorteks Venus Spacer Bra